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Mailroom Safety Training

Well trained personnel are the most important element in any mail screening program.  JGW’s best practice-based mail center safety and security training program provides administrative, security and first responder personnel tasked with handling incoming mail or packages and responding mail born threats with the knowledge and understanding needed to rapidly identify and safely respond to mail borne threats.

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Our training is easily tailored to meet the needs of every organization regardless of size or mail volume. From traditional classroom training, to online classes, our curriculum fulfills the full range of mail safety and security training requirements outlined in 41 CFR and industry best practices.

 These training requirements include threat understanding and recognition, the development and application of visual mail screening techniques, the refinement of technical skills such as the use of x-ray or other sensors, methods for conducting internal risk assessments, and screening protocol development.

Mailroom Safety  Brochure

To purchase or inquire about our Mailroom Safety Training course, please fill contact us below:

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