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JGW Group specializes in the development and delivery of a wide range of technical, operator, safety, and security training for government agencies, educational institutions, and commercial clients. See below for a sample of our current training and information on our training program and instructional staff. 


Arriving Prepared©: Campus & Student Safety Training

Our Campus Safety and Security training provides incoming students and their families with the information and tools necessary to develop on and off campus personal safety awareness practices.


The training also covers the use social media and the steps students can take to protect themselves from social media abuse and to safeguard their personal information when online.

Mail Room Safety & Handling

Well trained personnel are the most important element in any mail screening program. 


JGW’s best practice-based mail center safety and security training program provides administrative, security and first responder personnel tasked with handling incoming mail or packages and responding mail born threats with the knowledge and understanding needed to rapidly identify and safely respond to mail borne threats.

OEM Training Support

Regardless of the product, training is the bridge between manufacturer, product, and the user.   Nowhere is this truer than in the fielding and integration of complex technical equipment. Our experience supporting original equipment manufacturers in the delivery and training of personal in the military, aviation, security, and public safety sectors is unparalleled.  Contact our training team for more information on how we can support your organization’s training needs.    

Our Trainers

Specializing in online, classroom, and video based training, JGW’s team of experienced instructors and curriculum designers stand ready to support your organization’s training design, development and instructional needs.

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