SEEKER Anti-Narcotics tool
  • SEEKER Anti-Narcotics tool

    The first of its class, patent-pending--- SEEKER Anti-Narcotics Tool, is a purpose driven knife (PPK) that combines a straight & serrated blade for maximum cutting power and the industry specific probe for seeking hidden narcotics. The SEEKER is the long-waited and professionally made answer for anti-narcotics officers, who for decades used dangerous home-made probes that put their safety in jeopardy. Made in the front lines from more than 20 years of military and government experience. The SEEKER Anti-Narcotics Tool has been tested and approved by hundreds of officers nationwide, who have used it to successfully interdict narcotics.



    Open- Mode Length: 11 in (27.94 cm(                  Close-Mode Length: 5 in (12.7 cm)

    Blade Length: 3.32 in (8.43 cm)                                 Probe Length: 2.48 in  (6.29 cm)

    Blade Thickness: .12 in (.30 cm)                                 Probe Thickness: .16 in (.40 cm)

    Blade Metal: 8CR13MOV                                              Probe Metal: 5CR13MOV

    Weight: 6.49 oz  (183.98 g)


    About Us


    Kazador, LLC was built with the mission of serving front-line warriors by creating safe and effective gear designed from real battleground experience.


     Our founder, Juan “JR” Lopez, a former U.S. Infantry Marine who served on Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, gained insight on how issued gear was not effective on the front lines due to the disconnect between manufacturer and end-user. Furthermore, while working for the U.S. government, our founder observed how federal officers created dangerous home-made tools for their particular duties because of industry manufactures’ lack of insight.

    Those lessons gathered over 20 years of combine military and government service are what drives our responsibility of serving those committed to protecting our nation at home and abroad. We continuously seek self-improvement for our service and products because you seek self-improvement to protect us!


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