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The JGW Group offers a wide range of products and training services available for purchase directly. Our store site is still in development, please reach out directly if you do not see a product listed.

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Kazador-- Tools

Kazador, LLC was built with the mission of serving front-line warriors by creating safe and effective gear designed from real battleground experience.

 Our founder, Juan “JR” Lopez, a former U.S. Infantry Marine who served on Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, gained insight on how issued gear was not effective on the front lines due to the disconnect between manufacturer and end-user. Furthermore, while working for the U.S. government, our founder observed how federal officers created dangerous home-made tools for their particular duties because of industry manufactures’ lack of insight.

Those lessons gathered over 20 years of combine military and government service are what drives our responsibility of serving those committed to protecting our nation at home and abroad. We continuously seek self-improvement for our service and products because you seek self-improvement to protect us!


Chinook Medical-- EPMK (Emergency Preparedness Medical Kit)

Chinook Medical Gear is a certified Veteran Owned and Native American 8(a) Owned Small Business that provides custom medical solutions for the harshest environments. Since 1990, Chinook Medical Gear has specialized in outfitting government agencies, military units, contractors, corporations, adventure companies, and individuals with the latest medical gear. Our diverse line of products includes military and law enforcement medical kits to home, travel, and public access medical kits. We also produce a wide range of procedure specific medical modules. Chinook’s staff consists of industry experts who specialize in designing trusted solutions for any emergency medical need.

Chinook Medical
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