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Our clients offer unique solutions designed to increase operational functionality, bridge capability gaps, and reduce the overall burden placed on the end user.

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CLD Fencing

CLD Fencing is currently the largest manufacturer of rigid paneled security fencing in the United Kingdom. CLD provides a full suite of innovative, high-security perimeter solutions in both permanent & temporary applications, specifically designed to meet the technical security specifications of their customers.



The GroundGuards MAXITRACK is a light weight, simple to install yet highly durable solution for temporary roads, taxiways, and hanger or building floors.

Developed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the military and heavy construction industry, the MAXITRACK light weight, resilient, portable system can quickly be configured and installed to meet the most challenging of needs. MAXITRACK is guaranteed unbreakable for loads up to 130 tons. 

MaxiTrack army SmartGrip.jpg

Argon Electronics

As the world leader in training simulators, Argon's array of CBRNe / HazMat training solutions employ electronic simulators that replicate the most widely-used detectors on the market as well as reproducing the scenarios in which they would be utilized. The advantage of Argon's approach is the flexibility and cost-efficiency afforded by avoiding the need for active agents while allowing response teams to train as often and as diversely as they want.


Kromek Group plc is an international technology group (global HQ in the UK) and a leading developer and supplier of high-performance radiation detection products based on cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) and other advanced technologies. Using its technology platforms, Kromek designs and develops and produces x-ray and gamma-ray imaging and radiation detection products for the medical, CBRNe security, Homeland Security and civil nuclear radiation detection markets

Audiotel International

Audiotel International design, develop and manufacture a wide range of high quality, technical counter-surveillance products for commercial organizations, law enforcement and government agencies around the world.​ Depending upon your perceived risk, Audiotel International have a range of suitable products.


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