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Austin Area Bombings


Today’s announcement that the Austin area bombing suspect has been neutralized, is not reason to let your guard down. Remain vigilant. It is entirely possible that, yet to be discovered devices will be located, received, or activated. Visually inspect everything entering your mailroom and keep up your awareness training. If you have questions or concerns, contact our training department.

Bomb Explodes at FEDEX Facility


A package bomb exploded early this morning at a FedEx facility outside of San Antonio Texas.  While it is not confirmed, the bomb appears to be the latest in a growing number of events associated with a series of bombings that have occurred in Austin Texas over the past few weeks. The fact that the latest device used a commercial carrier means that the bomber’s methods for distributing the devices has expanded. It is now more imperative than ever that the public be keenly aware of the possibility that any package or letter that is received from an unknown, or unexpected source be treated as suspect. Understanding the threat, and how to identify specific characteristics is key to avoiding tragedy.  JGW offers a full line of mail handling safety and security training designed to help mitigate the risk of mail borne threats and to safeguard your organization and its personnel. For more information on our full line of mail center safety and security training contact JGW at 703 547-6270 today.

Suspicious Letter Disrupts Operations at Military Base


11 service members required treatment after a letter containing an unidentified substance was opened in the administrative offices of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA. Personnel working in the area where the letter was opened, who reported a variety of symptoms including nosebleeds, and burning hands, were treated on-site by first responders. 3 individuals were transported to the hospital where they received additional treatment and were released. While the post event response was excellent, the fact that this letter was opened in an office environment where personnel were directly exposed to potential mail borne risk, demonstrates the risk all organizations face when personnel, tasked with processing and opening mail or packages, fail to receive adequate mail safety and security training.

JGW Group’s classroom and online Mail Screening and Security Training program provides mailroom, administrative, and supervisory personnel with the knowledge and understanding needed to safely handle and evaluate incoming letters and packages, identify threats, reduce risk, and safeguard personnel and infrastructure. For more information contact JGW’s Training Department at 703 547-6270 or email us at

Trump, Jr Suspicious Letter


Despite access to the nation’s most advanced mail screening capabilities, the receipt of a letter addressed to Donald Trump, JR that contained white powder and resulted in the precautionary hospitalization of Vanessa Trump and others, goes to show you that a determined terrorist can, and will, find a way around the most advanced screening precautions. This event reminds us that threat awareness training, adherence to proper mail handling protocols, and the vigilant use of personal protective equipment should be required of anyone who receives, sorts, handles, or opens mail. For more information on Mail Safety and Security Training contact JGW’s training department at (703) 547-7180.

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