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A radioactive attack could leave thousands dead, whole neighborhoods uninhabitable and populations traumatized, the effects could last for many years and bring a city to its knees.

This is your new line of defense.

The D3S is a light, wearable Radiation Isotope Detector (RIID) that allows you to identify radioactive threats swiftly, showing the difference between medical and industrial sources and those that are more sinister. It provides a 100-fold increase in the ability to locate and identify sources of radiation at ten times the speed of conventional detectors and one-tenth of the cost. Designed for fast deployment and ease of use, everything you need is in the box.

These small and wearable detectors can go any place a terrorist could also go, they are much harder to avoid because anyone could be carrying one, and they give the user vital information to react appropriately to a threat.

D3S isotope library and performance

  • Library far exceeds ANSI and international standards

  • 37 isotopes – 17 more than ANSI N42.34 standard

  • Discriminates between Medical, NORM, Industrial and SNM classes

  • 69 unique signatures which account for shielding and mixed configurations


Fast deployment

It takes less than a minute to deploy: take it out of the box, switch it on, put the sensor on your belt, the phone in your pocket, and you are good to go. Using the D3S ID, you can quickly and easily equip anyone to become a radiation detector giving you fast coverage for a location.


  • One of the fastest and most accurate isotope ID devices on the market

  • Discreet, wearable, lightweight

  • A fraction of the size, a fraction of the cost of other RIIDs

  • Rapid, visible, audible and tactile alarm settings

  • Extensively tested and characterised in multiple DNDO and DARPA programs

  • Quick, simple and intuitive to use, no need for specialist training or knowledge

Easy to use

Specifically designed for use by anyone, specialists and nonspecialists alike, with minimal training required. The D3S ID can be used by staff across a wide variety of sectors, including customs and border patrols, police, first-responders, at airports, event security and environmental monitoring.

Far exceeds RIID standards

  • Identifies 17 more isotopes than RIID standard

  • Four times faster than RIID standard

  • Cheaper than standard RIIDs