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80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Made in the USA

FDA Registered


The JGW team fully supports the U.S. Military, Government Agencies, Universities, and Private Businesses in the fight against COVID-19

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80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

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  • 80% alcohol antiseptic topical solution

  • Sanitizes 99.9% of germs

  • FDA registered safe and effective Food Grade alcohol

  • Available by the case:

    • 2oz bottles (qty 72 per case) 

    • 8oz bottles (qty 30 per case)

    • 16.9oz bottles (qty 30 per case)

    • 1 gallon tubs (qty 4 per case)

  • Custom bottle printing available to meet your organization's needs


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Ihand sani lot 2.jpg

Sizes & Top Cap Details


JGW Group delivers 425,000 bottles under contract to US ARMY in response to the COVID-19 Outbreak.

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Hand Sanitizer Safety Data sheet and Specifications Download