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FenceSafe- A revolution in temporary fencing

The world around us can be a dangerous place. Modern day criminals and attackers have access to technological advances that make their own selfish interests that much easier to carry out. Why should temporary perimeter security solutions not utilize the best technology to thwart and deter these attacks? That's where FenceSafe steps in: a modern day solution built for modern day threats.

What is FenceSafe?


The FenceSafe temporary fencing system was designed by CLD Fencing with three aspects in mind: Safety, Security, and Simplicity. 


FenceSafe is a rapid deploying, high security temporary fencing system which offers sites and events the safety and security benefits of a permanent profiled mesh fencing system -- but in a temporary installation.

FenceSafe utilizes highly durable rigid panels and patented cantilever polymer bases, which are filled with up to 440 LBS of ballast. The weighted bases allow the system to be completely "foundation free", meaning you will never need to dig and secure the fence posts to the ground. 

Why FenceSafe?

  •  FenceSafe SR1 is 8 times more secure than HCIS Category 1 chain-link fencing in attack tests carried out by the LCPB (loss prevention certification board), part of the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Group*

  • "Foundation Free" rotary-molded and steel-reinforced bases, filled with 440 LBS of bagged or loose ballast

  • Wind rated over 100 MPH, designed in accordance with BS EN 1991-1-4 and BS 6399 for wind loading

  • Mob tested & low-speed vehicle impact tested

  • Galvanized steel and PPC coated rigid panels available in three orientations: Eclipse, Dulok, and Securus SR1

  • Anti-cut & Anti-climb panels

  • Rapid deployability, a team of three can deploy up to 984 linear feet per day

  • Simple to store and move: panels and bases are stackable (3,937 linear feet can be packed on a standard 18-wheel truck bed or ISO container)

  • Standard add-on: temporary swing and slide gates (up to 13.12 feet wide)

  • FenceSafe-E, the ONLY Foundation free temporary fencing system which allows "Active Pulse Monitoring Technology" such as electric fencing and PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems)

  • Guaranteed for 15 years

Against the Competition:

While temporary chain-link fencing has its uses, it simply does not stand up to the abuse and threats the real-world brings:

Chain-link is easily defeated in cutting attacks

Tests carried out by the BRE Group showed chain-link fences can be defeated and breached in just 19 seconds using simple wire cutters. FenceSafe SR1 was not defeated in BRE's allotted 1 minute time frame, earning the FenceSafe a SR1 rating*.

Chain-link is easily pushed over by the wind or attackers

This creates liability and leaves you vulnerable for attack. FenceSafe is wind rated over 100 MPH and is anti-mob tested. Whether your breach is the wind, a single attacker, a mob, or a vehicle, FenceSafe is extremely resistant to tip over.

Chain-link has low durability 

Chain-link tends to get mangled and torn up easily during the transportation, set up, and tear down phases, leaving you to replace the panels on a regular basis. FenceSafe offers a much more durable system as it utilizes rigid panels and durable polymer bases, guaranteeing many uses throughout its life time. Investing in FenceSafe will provide you with many years of use from the same system.

Same set up and tear down capabilities

It's no secret that temporary chain-link is known for its rapid deployment capabilities. FenceSafe offers the same rapid deployment, while also providing 8x more security and durability (per the BRE Groups test data).

Temporary chain-link is not a viable option for long term use

Have you ever noticed the condition of temporary chain-link fencing over extended periods of time? It tends to sag, fall apart and even fall over. This poses a huge security and liability risk for the area you're trying to protect. FenceSafe was created to be used for both short term temporary applications and long term "set it and forget it" scenarios. FenceSafe will provide you with a reliable, long lasting perimeter security solution that is proven to "go the distance".

Standard temporary chain-link is not "anti-climb"

Standard chain-link fence panels do not offer much protection from climbing. The FenceSafe Securus SR1 rigid panel is an industry standard, high-security, anti-climb panel. 

No other Temporary fence utilizes Active Pulse Monitoring Technology

The FenceSafe Securus SR1 system is the first and only temporary fencing system in the world to utilize electric fencing technology and PIDS (perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems).

Temporary chain-link systems do not offer standard entry control

The FenceSafe system is compatible with CLD Fencing temporary gate solutions (swing and slide) ranging from 4ft - 13.12ft wide.

 FenceSafe Product Handbook

FenceSafe Securus SR1 Brochure

FenceSafe-E Brochure

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* The BRE Group testing of FenceSafe; Physical security products and systems are rated to LPS 1175in terms of the resistance to forced entry they provide against different levels of attack. The Security Rating (SR) system ranges from SR1 to SR8 and is based upon domestic risks (1 and 2), commercial risks (2, 3 and 4), high security risks (5 and 6) and extremely high security risks (7 and 8). These ratings are based on the tools and time available to the attacker. The tools range from those that can easily be concealed about a person and used by an opportunist burglar, to larger tools used during a planned attack.