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The smarter alternative to traditional CBRNe and HazMat training

Most organizations that are responsible for ensuring operational readiness ahead of a potential CBRNe event find it challenging to deliver training that is both realistic, engaging and truly effective AND safe, environmentally friendly and flexible. This can often result in underprepared response teams.

Argon's array of CBRNe / HazMat training solutions employ electronic simulators that replicate the most widely-used detectors on the market as well as reproducing the scenarios in which they would be utilized. The advantage of Argon's approach is the flexibility and cost-efficiency afforded by avoiding the need for active agents while allowing response teams to train as often and as diversely as they want.

Argon's CBRNe / HazMat training solutions are environmentally friendly and cost-effective 

Our simulators remove the need for hazardous chemicals or radioactive sources. This means you have the flexibility to run training scenarios when, where and how you want without the impact of safety, environmental, logistical, administrative and cost issues associated with simulants and sources.

Argon simulators are true replications of the real CBRN detectors, which means your teams get as much accurate, hands-on experience as they need to be ready for a hazardous event.

CBRN Simulator Solutions

All of our simulators responds to electronic sources that simulate radiation, chemical vapors, toxic industrial substances or false positives (where it applies). This means you no longer need to use simulants which can harm the environment, saturate the training area or pose potential health and safety risks to you and your students. Our systems enables the training of first responders and CBRN troops in the use of the real detector variant  and the correct action under a chemical or radiological attack.

Below are a few of our CBRN training solutions, descriptions and brochures available once you click on a picture. please visit www.argonelectronics.com for the full list of simulators we offer.

Wide-area / Live CBRNe Training Solutions



Wide area CBRN / HazMat training system for field exercises and table top classroom settings that simulates virtual radiation and chemical plumes.

PlumeSIM Smart


A powerful, App-based wide-area CBRN / HazMat virtual plume simulation system that lets you deliver practical, highly engaging table top and live field training exercises.

For more in formation on any of Argon's training solutions, please reach out to John Wilson at the JGW Group (703)547-6270 or via email at Jawilson@jgwgroup.com