No matter where you are located in the United States of America, The JGW Group are on hand to advise you on the next steps in securing your perimeter.

 All our range of Security Fencing and Gate solutions are shipped direct from our UK Manufacturing Plant. In 2018 we shipped over 100km of Fencing Systems around the world helping numerous projects secure their perimeters.

Fencing Solutions

FenceSafe, High-Security Temporary Fencing

Whether it is a high profile event or keeping your sites secure our range of revolutionary temporary fencing systems offer you safety, security and sustainability on your next project. Designed and manufactured to BS EN 1991, FenceSafe offers Wind Loading in excess of 100mph.

Our range of FenceSafe Temporary Fencing and Gate Solutions offer the same level of protection as a permanent fencing system but in temporary format.

Permanent Perimeter Security Fencing

CLD Fencings offers a wide array of permanent grade perimeter security solutions from low security projects to ultra-high security projects, and anything in between.


Fencing sectors include airports, utilities & critical infrastructure, data centers, schools, hospitals & mental health clinics, sports and entertainment venue, military & Department of Defense, and zoo & wildlife.


Testing & accredetion

The BRE Group testing of FenceSafe and Permanent fencing; Physical security products and systems are rated to LPS 1175 in terms of the resistance to forced entry they provide against different levels of attack. The Security Rating (SR) system ranges from SR1 to SR8 and is based upon domestic risks (1 and 2), commercial risks (2, 3 and 4), high security risks (5 and 6) and extremely high security risks (7 and 8). These ratings are based on the tools and time available to the attacker. The tools range from those that can easily be concealed and used by an opportunist burglar, to larger power tools used during a planned attack. Please reach out to JGW for more information on certification documentation.

Brochures & literature

FenceSafe, Temporary Fencing System .PDF

FenceSafe SR1, Rated high-security system .PDF

FenceSafe-E, Electric and PIDS temporary System .PDF

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JGW Group is the Sole provider of CLD Fencing Products in the US market space.


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