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Arriving Prepared©

Student & Campus Safety Training

JGW Group's Training Division is proud to announce the addition of our student and campus safety training, Arriving Prepared©. The aim of our three part video is to inform students of the vulnerabilities they may face on a daily basis in a college atmosphere (both on/off campus & online) and provide them with the skill set necessary to increase situational safety awareness.

With over 40 years' experience in the global security market, JGW Group's Training Division developed Arriving Prepared© with input from Universities to provide the most engaging and informative safety training course currently available.    

Training for Students

Arriving Prepared© provides incoming students and their families with the information and tools necessary to develop on and off campus personal safety awareness practices.


The training also covers the use social media and the steps students can take to protect themselves from social media abuse and to safeguard their personal information when online.


Training for Universities

JGW’s Campus Safety training supports universities nations wide, reducing risk by providing incoming students and their families with the information needed to develop personal safety strategies prior to arriving on campus.


The areas of focus include: on and off campus activities, the use of social media and the security issues when online. Our training directly augments your institution’s existing student safety and security program, providing the student with the tools needed to develop personal safety habits. For more information on the Benefits for your university, download the whitepaper below.

Key Objectives

Arriving Prepared© Provides:

  • Students with the information needed to develop critical life safety skills.

  • Institutions with a way of reducing risk while addressing on and off campus safety and
    security issues without referring to specific events,
    places, groups, or establishments.


  • Parents a basis for more in-depth discussions with their student about personal safety.

Key Benefits

Arriving Prepared© :

  • Informs students and families of key safety and security issues and ways to prepare and respond to them.

  • Helps students understand the roles of the university, campus security, and local law enforcement.

  • Encourages student – parent discussions on personal safety and security responsibilities.

  • Demonstrates that the university takes personal safety and security seriously.

  • Supports Clery Act requirement to “actively foster campus safety.”

Arriving Prepared© Whitepaper Download

Arriving Prepared© Brochure Download

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