Our Services

  • Marketing and Sales

    Unlike most consulting firms, we actually take high technology products into the marketplace. We will build public awareness of your product line, technology or service using methods like trade show exhibits or formal presentations directly to customers. We can also provide continuous follow-up support of your sales initiatives and by professionally contacting your potential customers and fully informing them of the benefits your products, technology or service have on their respective programs or operations.

  • Business Development

    Next, we assist you in implementing your market plan. JGW representatives can act as your agent in direct sales to customers, or negotiate joint ventures, co-production, or licensing agreements with appropriate businesses to ensure the greatest advantage in the marketplace. In many cases, during these negotiations, feedback from potential partnerships leads to additional business opportunities for our clients.

  • Strategic Planning

    First, utilizing our vast network of contacts in government and industry, we conduct a thorough analysis of the current market for your product. This includes an assessment of current and emerging technologies and parallel activities of competitors. From this study, we develop achievable and measurable market goals and objectives for your product, technology or service and publish a success-oriented plan of action through which to meet your business objectives. This planning spans both the US markets and Europe.

  • Contractual Intelligence

    Our staff of highly qualified business professionals is well equipped to assist you in determining the most effective pricing strategies to achieve your economic goals while ensuring competitiveness. In addition, our expertise in contracting and procurement laws ensures smooth transition through all phases of the complex contracting and procurement process. Through direct contact with the designated authorities, we keep you fully informed of the progress of any procurement efforts and of spontaneous changes which may occur in the program.

  • Proposal Preparation

    This process is at the very heart of the procurement process. Much valuable business has been lost due to the failure of the proposer to tell the customer what he can provide in a way that the customer fully understands. There is no doubt that responding to a government RFP is a very complex process, and for this reason many companies have offered expensive courses to deal with the subject in a generic manner. However each proposal has its own life and must be tailored to maximize its potential. JGW knows how to do this and our excellent and successful track record is proof.