XPO Logisitics

XPO Logistics is a third-party logistics company that brings new levels of visibility and control to complex logistics operations. We combine methodical analysis of your material flows with the intelligent application of systems to reduce and automate process steps - across your supply chain or in your distribution center. Some of the world's most respected companies rely on XPO Logistics minds to streamline logistics operations in support of manufacturing, distribution, returns, refurbishment & repair, service parts logistics, and transportation management.

Services to support design, management and execution of logistics solutions

  • Manufacturing support - storage and management of inbound supplier material, vendor managed inventory, kitting and sub-assembly of parts, and JIT delivery to the manufacturing line
  • Warehousing and distribution - distribution center management, value-added warehouse services and transportation management
  • Direct-to-consumer - online, catalogue, call center fulfillment, and returns processing
  • Reverse logistics and repair - returns center operations, testing and repair of product for redistribution, and financial credit processing
  • Service parts management and delivery - warehousing, transportation, and returns processing to support rapid delivery of critical service parts
  • Lead logistics - managing and integrating the efforts of multiple logistics providers as the client's single point of contact

XPO Logistics solutions are designed and supported by a team of logistics and information systems professionals, who are critical to our "engineered logistics" approach. By working with your team to continuously simplify and automate processes, we are able to achieve more efficient results at a lower cost.

Third Party Logistics Solutions for Vertical Industry Segments

When you outsource, you expect expert advice from a provider that understands the unique logistics requirements of your industry. XPO Logistics delivers experience-based logistics solutions in the following industries:

  • Aerospace industry logistics
  • Consumer products industry logistics
  • Government/Defense logistics
  • Manufacturing support
  • Medical device logistics
  • Retail logistics
  • Technology industry logistics
  • Wireless industry logistics

Consider how XPO Logistics's capabilities and proven track record can make a difference in your industry.