Witt Energy

The ‘WITT’ device is a patent granted innovative transmission system, which converts naturally occurring motional energy in any direction (chaotic energy) into rotational motion in a single direction for the production of electricity. This innovation is a first and has never been achieved before.

The WITT technology has the capacity to turn all motion from Water, (sea, river and tidal), Human, Wind, Vehicle and Animal into useable power. It has a wide range of applications in the field of Natural Occurring Motional Energy (NOME), taking all motion, clockwise, anti-clockwise, back and forth and up and down, working on the same principle as the self winding watch (except that it does more) known as 6 degrees of motion. There is no other transmission capable of collecting the full 6 degrees of motion and a patent has been granted in the UK, Europe, China and core countries globally are pending.