Germfree has demonstrated national and international expertise in developing mobile, modular and container laboratories to meet user specific requirements. The project team at Germfree includes design and mechanical engineers, industrial engineers and hygienists, registered biosafety officers and end users. These experts, together with the construction team and principal investigators, work cooperatively on every step of the design, manufacturing and installation process to ensure that the safest, most comfortable and useful work area is ultimately achieved.
Germfree is a major sponsor of professional associations, such as the American Biological Safety Association, the Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, and the American Glovebox Society. These organizations promote the development of better equipment and practices by sharing information and experience in open forums, lectures and courses. Germfree has also participated in many industry forums and workshops to further the advancement of laboratory safety.
Germfree manufactures equipment for a range of applications including: public health, laboratory research, national security, first responders, and hospital pharmacy.