DOK-ING is integrating its own innovations and new technologies, developing and manufacturing special purpose systems to protect human lives in most dangerous environments, primarily in demining, mining and fire-fighting. 

Following the company's motto „Don't send a man to do a machine's job“, the mining program has been started with an extra low profile equipment. The MV-4 Mine Clearance System is a tracked, remote-controlled machine designed to clear all types of Anti-Personnel (AP) mines and UXO-s, and is survivable to all types of Anti-Tank (AT) mines. Due to its small dimensions and maneuverability, it is suitable for demining of house yards, orchards, forest paths, river banks, and other types of terrain that is inaccessible to larger machines. The various operating tools for mine clearance and soil processing destroy even the smallest Anti-Personnel blast pressure mines and the most dangerous types of bouncing fragmentation mines. The machine is remotely controlled from an armored vehicle or from a safe distance. The engine and vital components of the machine are protected by steel plates

Trying to protect and secure people working in an extremely dangerous domain of firefighting, DOK-ING designed a multifunctional robotic system which would help them do the job and be safe at the same time. The MVF-5 is the unique robotic firefighting system developed to extinguish fires in life threatening conditions and inaccessible areas. The system is operated from a safe distance by using remote-control technology. The MVF-5 extends the reach of fire fighters as to protect high risk industrial facilities and other dangerous environments.